Tax Implication on Divorcing Couple

Even though divorcing will be hard for many people, there is still more matter that is need to be considered when a couple decide to divorce, that is the tax implication. The first thing that should be understood is that the couple is claimed as unmarried couple in the endRead More

Tax Implication for the Married Couple

Even though marriage has a lot of controversy, including the definition that many people do not have the same opinion about it, there is still many other controversy of marriage, including the tax implication that is needed to be paid after a couple getting married. The tax implication is doneRead More

Tax Implication for Gifts

Even though you have a good intention by giving a gift to other, it does not mean that you are free from the tax implication, which is very often called as the gift tax. Before we discuss about the gift tax, the definition of gift has to be understand well.Read More